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Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:Georgia, United States of America
Okay. So. (Pretty sweet Earth, you say)

I'm in my late-ish twenties (this covers me forgetting to update my age, until I am in my early thirties, at which point I have to be diligent). By day, I'm a graphic designer at an Atlanta firm, doing a lot of really awesome corporate work that I never though I'd like (but I do). I really like design. I went to the University of Chicago for my undergrad stuff, and couldn't decide on Art or French, so I did both; I have a BA in Fine Arts and a minor concentration in French (mostly literature). And then I decided art was not terribly lucrative, so I went back to school to get a master's in graphic design. This has been a wise move.

Languages fascinate me. I know four with some small degree of competency - I'm fluent in French and English (obviously) but I also know a decent amount of Spanish and I'm teaching myself Hindi. I am completely obsessed with India. I would become Indian if I could (I'm not; I'm solidly German and English). So, I've brought that recently into the SCA, which is another thing I do. This seems like the most reasonable way to be Indian, at least part of the time.

Other things I do are knitting, spinning, book binding, block printing, and amateur novel-writing. I like science fiction and fantasy, comic books, and weird music that sounds like video game soundtracks. Actually, I like most music. I played the piano at one point, but not at the moment.

And I'm a character in a comic strip, which cheers me up when I'm down.
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